One Piece Urostomy Bag Hydrocolloid

Ostomy Bag is used for the patient who has just finished the surgical neostomy of ileum or colostomy to hold his excrement and help him to get well. The surface of ostomy Bag is smooth, without blot or fold, and its thickness is even. the film is made of three layers PE high resistant film , the thickness of film is about 0.08-0.12mm, soft, good odor-resisting and with low friction noise. The product does not irritate the skin and is easy to be washed.

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    Transparent/tawny/skin optional
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Product Name: One Piece Urostomy bag
Capacity: 600ml
Cut: 15-50mm(customizable)
Lining Material: PE 
Color: Transparent or Skin
Package: 15pcs/box, 10 boxes/carton
Package size: 32.5cm*22.5cm*30.5cm

Hydrocolloid basic plate has strong viscosity, hypoallergenic, comfortable and friendly to the skin soft

Using method
1, Use warm water to clean the stoma and surrounding skin
2, spray some ostomy powder around, and smear evenly
3. wait a few minutes, remove the excess powder
4. Measure stoma with measuring guide before cutting out the hole.
5, Remove the backing paper from the barrier and apply the entire appliance to the stoma, make sure the stoma in the centre of the hole, pressing all around the stick to the skin firmly
6, Keeping the locking ring unlock, Snap the pouch on the barrier, Should feel the tray "Click" to the into place
7, Remove the bag and press the lug to the unlock the locking ring ,Lift the bag from the bottom to the up while pulling away it from the barrier
8. If it is one-piece open style please close it with the clip before sticking it to the flange.

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